Dear South Florida Tamil Community,

 Raja White BG

 On behalf of Then Poovaga Tamil Sangam, it is with great pleasure that we wish you all a Happy New Year 2022! 

We embark on our 22nd year of service to the three counties of South Florida.

Our Board fondly recollects the outstanding accomplishments of our founders and the past presidents of the Tamil Sangam. Without their vision, we wouldn't be here. We sincerely appreciate them with profound gratitude by quoting the below Kural given by our great poet Thiruvalluvar.

கைம்மாறு வேண்டா கடப்பாடு மாரிமாட்டு 

என்ஆற்றுங் கொல்லோ உலகு. 

Our Board conveys our sincere appreciation to the previous President, Mr. Hari Muthuswamy, and his Board for sharing their valuable experience and ideas during the smooth transition.

Mr. Hari Muthuswamy and his Board did a phenomenal job of reinstating the non-profit status of our Sangam. Our community applauds and honors them for their outstanding service. 

Our Board will continue to support the "Six Pillars of Then Poovaga Tamil Sangam."  and will enhance its strategic mission by adding a seventh pillar as below.

 1. Cherish and Nurture the Youth Talents
 2. Celebrate and Foster the Virtues of Senior Community
 3. Cultivate and Facilitate Health and Wellbeing
 4. Stimulate and Propagate the Growth of Tamil Arts, Sports, and Culture
 5. Augment Investment Strategies and Wealth Management 
 6. Innovate the IT platform for Everyone in Our Community to Connect, Collaborate and Support
 7. Support Other Non-Profit Local Communities

We sincerely appreciate our community leaders, sponsors, volunteers, youth leaders, members of our sangam, and other Indian Associations for their continued support. 

எல்லா புகழும் இறைவனுக்கே!

 வாழ்க தமிழ்! வளர்க அதன் புகழ்!

Thank You!  

Rajamanikandan Narayanasamy (Raja)

President, Then Poovaga Tamil Sangam

SFTS Small

(Note: Our Board is working on providing monthly calendars for Y2022. So, we are accepting sponsors for the calendar advertisement. All donations are tax-deductible.)